If you are looking for network operators, utilities, gas utilities, electric utilities, sewerage, drainage or municipal utilities and municipalities, LAO Line Information can help you. We provide you with inventory plans of water, gas, electricity, broadband and telecommunications…
We are a specialized service for pipeline exploration in Germany.Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Plan information / line information is required for every construction project! Prior to starting off your civil engineering work, you’re legally required to check with all available operators of underground cables, sewers, pipelines, etc. in the building area to avoid damage to existing infrastructure.

Without our service, that process would not only require you to research and contact all operators on your own while wasting precious days of potential working time, it would also pose a very tangible security threat if any operators were missed in the process.

Unlike competitors that have stopped at either a regional or a nationwide but limited approach to solving this problem, LAO’s unique service comes in as a nationwide solution that combines years of thorough research and direct communication with the operators to provide an industry-leading quantity of over 10.000 operators in Germany at your disposal.

These operators can be contacted through the best iteration of our software yet, the AI-assisted LAO Tool which bundles, organizes and streamlines the process of line inquiry in one simple interface after being provided with all necessary construction site information.

After marking the construction site polygon on the map, further details like the project name, start and end of construction or additional plans can be added before choosing a price package, signing up and confirming the order. Afterwards, you’ll not only be presented with all relevant operators and additional information such as nature reserves, administrative districts, etc. but will also be able to enter operators on your own in the very rare case that our choice of operators is incomplete.

Our wide range of products will cover any of your needs from a simple static checklist to a fully outsourced line inquiry process by our engineers – just call us or write an email so that we can take you through the process. (+49 (0) 69 85 70 29 10,

By using our service, you can avoid damage to various line types and underground conduits, such as:

–              Electrical power cables

–              Water pipes / mains

–              Wastewater / sewer / sewerage / sewage / drainage pipes

–              District heating pipes

–              Gas pipelines

–              Optical fiber cables

–              Storm and sanitary sewers

–              Telecommunications cables

–              Duct systems